Battle on the High Seas

Posted in: 1728-1729 Foreign Affairs
By The Pennsylvania Gazette, March 29, 1729
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New York, Feb. 24, 1729

On the 17th Instant arrived a Schooner, William Smith, Master, in thirty Days from Jamaica, who says Provisions are still low there, Flour from 23 to 30s. per Barrel;


That some Sloops from thence have made tolerable Voyages to the Spanish Court, and others returned without disposing of their Flour; That General Hunter had given Orders to all the Officers to be in readiness at their respective Posts, expecting Notice of War every Day.


The same Day arrived Capt. Bloodworth and Fred, in the Sloop Pearl, from South Carolina in 10 Days. They are Joint masters and Owners of her, and last Summer bound hither from Jamaica, were taken by a Spanish Privateer, and carried into St. Augustine, where they have been detain'd ever since (till lately) and upon a Trial at that Place, and an Appeal from thence, to the Havana, their Sloop and Part of their Cargo were acquitted, after a great Expence, the Privateers having first stripp'd them of all their Money, Clothes, Bedding, Books, Instruments, and what they wanted of the Cargo.


They likewise inform us, that the Galleons and Fleet under Convoy of 12 Men of War, in all 44 Sail, sailed from the Havana for Spain, the 14th of November last Old Stile; That they had in the Fleet upwards of 70 Millions of Pieces of Eight, besides Gold, which Gold was all on Board the chief Admiral, whose Ship was very deep; forty Four Millions was the King's Money, the rest the Merchants.


The Success Man of War was arrived at Jamaica, from England, with Orders, (as 'tis said) to that Government to be upon their Guard, twenty Men of War being fitting from Spain, on some secret Expedition, supposed to meet the Galeons.

Judkin, a Scooner arrived here in 28 Days from St. Thomas, with Advice that a Bermudas Sloop, Vardel Master, who sailed last Summer for St. Thomas, was taken by the Spaniards, and carried to the Havana. She had upwards of 700 Barrels of Flower on Board besides Butter, all M. d. Lanceys.