Hanover War Possible

Posted in: 1728-1729 Foreign Affairs
By The Pennsylvania Gazette, October 30, 1729
Aug 15, 2008 - 9:57:43 AM

Bythe last Vessels from London, which bring Advices of Aug. 30. 23 have no particular Account of the Peace, or positive Confirmation of its being concluded. The united Fleet of English and Dutch Men of War still continue at Spithead; and the Dutch are not ordered home as was reported; tho' Pilots are sent to bring them home if Peace should be agreed on, and great Quantities of Provisions are sent them continually, that they may be provided in Case of War. It is nevertheless given out that the Peace is concluded, but that the Articles are yet to be kept secret. The English Papers are filled with the Difference between Hanover and Prussia; Eighteen Battalions of Prussians were upon full March to take Possession of Mecklemberg, to the great surprize of the Inhabitants of that Dutchy. The King of Prussia has published a Manifesto, shewing the Cause of his taking up Arms, and uses the utmost Industry to compleat his Forces, and prepare for War. The King of Great Britain in the mean Time is not idle; but is actually forming an Army of near 7000 Men on the Frontiers of Hanover; 25000 Danes lie ready for him in Holstein, and 30000 French are expected by the Way of Luxemburgh: A Manifesto is likewise drawing up in Answer to that of Prussia: All Things are in the utmost Hurry in the Dominions of those Princes; yet the Politicians are of Opinion the Affair will be at length accommodated without Blows; tho' Count Sickendorff the Emperor's Minister at Berlin, is said to labour hard to foment the Difference.   The Treasure of the Galleons is actually begun to be delivered out at Cadiz, by the last Advices.