GODFREY's Almanack

Speedily will be Published: GODFREY's Almanack, for the Year 1730. Containing the Lunations, Eclipses, Judgment of the Weather, the Spring Tides, Moon's Rising and Setting, Sun's Rising and Setting, Length of Days, Seven Stars Rising, Southing and Setting, Time of High Water, Fairs, Courts, and observable Days. Fitted to the Lattitude of 40 Degrees, and a Meredian of Five Hours West from London. Beautifully Printed in Red and Black, on One Side of a large Demi Sheet of Paper, after the London Mariner. To be Sold by the Printer's hereof, at the New Printing Office near the Market, for 3 s per Dozen.

SUNDRY Sorts of Linnen Goods

SUNDRY Sorts of Linnen Goods to be sold by Thomas Hatton, at his Store, at Thomas Oldman's, in Market-street, Philadelphia, viz. Ell-wide Sheetings, Silk-Laces, &c., Yard and half quarter ditto, Bed Tickings, Irish Hollands, Shoe-Tickings, Huckabacks, Silk-Tickings for Jackets and Breeches, Fine Diapers, sundry sorts, both broad and narrow, Shirting-Cloth, of several sorts, Checquer'd Linnens, and stripp'd ditto, Buckrams, Girth-Webbs, Topsail-Canvas, Silk-Handkerchiefs, Thread-Stockens, Inkles, Tapes, White & colour'd Thread, and several other Goods, Thread-Laces. All which Goods lately imported from Dublin, to promote Dispatch, will be sold at very reasonable Rate.

The Pennsylvania Gazette, February 11, 1729

To be Sold by CHARLES READ.

To be Sold by CHARLES READ. THree Hundred Acres of excellent good Land, well Timber'd and Water'd, lying in Bucks-County, about two Miles from the Court-House, and in the Neighbourhood of several Mills. Seventy Six Acres of Land, within Six Miles of Philadelphia, bounding on Cobb's Creek, with the Privilege of joyning a Dam, and overflowing the Lands on the other Side of the Creek, which is constant, and one of the best Streams in Pennsylvania for a Mill. Cedar-Shingles and Boards. And a Parcel of good Sadlers-Ware very cheap

VERY good Red Leather Chairs

VERY good Red Leather Chairs, the newest Fashion, Fine Flanders Bed Ticks, and sundry other European Goods, and likewise Cinamon, at very reasonable Rates, and choice New England Hopps, and very good Beavour Hats, and Silk Stockings to be sold by Peter Boynton, living at the lower End of Front street.

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