Condolence Letter from the Governor

Posted in: 1731-1740
Sep 23, 2008 - 10:37:07 AM

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 22, 1732. His Honour our Governor has been pleased to write a Letter to the Governor of Boston, in Behalf of the distressed Palatines on Marthas Vineyard, of which the following is a Copy.

UPON the Application of several Germans, and others from the Palatinate, now inhabiting this Province, I am to address you in Behalf of a Few of their unhappy Countrymen, who after a Passage of twenty four Weeks from Rotterdam, are lately arrived at a Port in your Government near Rhode Island, as I suppose. The inclosed being an exact Translation of a Letter from them to a Dutch Minister here, sets forth fully their calamitous Circumstances, and the horrid Barbarity with which they have been treated, by Labb, the Master of the Vessel, who seems to have formed a Design to destroy them in order to possess himself of their Effects, which are said to have been very considerable when they embarqued. A Gentleman of your Goodness and Humanity, cannot but be moved with Pity for the miserable Condition of these poor Wretches, and with a just indignation against the Author of their Misfortunes: And as it will be an Act of great Charity to relieve and protect the first, it will be no less a necessary Act of Justice to call the last to a strict Account; that if he cannot acquit himself of what is laid to his Charge, he may reap the just Reward

of his Oppression and Cruelty

I am with much Respect, Sir, &c

Philadelphia. Feb. 9. 1731,2.